Amethyst Dome Pendulum


These newly designed Amethyst Dome pendulums have a stainless steel dome top and stainless steel curb chain.

These dome pendulums do not have a chamber.


This Amethyst Gemstone dowsing pendulum has a dome top and stainless steel curb chain. The stainless steel parts will last for generations. This dome design solves many common issues found in a lot of gemstone dowsing pendulums being sold today.

• Most importantly, the first issue is weight. Most gemstone pendulums weigh between 10 and 15 grams. This light weight gives the dowser the feeling that there is hardly nothing much at the end of the chain. Therefore the dome adds the right amount of total weight, between 18 to 22 grams, to the gemstone to make it an excellent pendulum dowsing instrument. Also this little bit of extra weight provides a great balance and arc swing.

• Secondly the issue is quality. Many imported gemstone pendulums use questionable parts. Therefore customers complain that the plating on the chain turns color quickly. In other words, imported chain is not always nickel or lead free, therefore it does not conform to many state laws regulating jewelry type products.

Most noteworthy, these dome pendulums use stainless steel parts which are allergy free and comply with any state or federal jewelry regulations. As a result of using stainless steel, the metal parts are all Eco-friendly. Furthermore, all parts of this pendulum are allergy-free.

This pendulum is about 2 inches long, about 9/16 inches in diameter, and weighs about 17 grams. Not all gemstones are exactly alike, expect slight variations then the photo pictured here.

This gemstone dowsing pendulum does not have a chamber.

In conclusion, these gemstone pendulums also use stainless steel curb chain. At the end of the chain is a matching gemstone 8 mm round bead. This chain will never tarnish or change color.

Finally, the dome adds 7 grams to the weight of the gemstone.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 oz
Dimensions 2.0 × .5625 × .5625 in