First I want to say “thank you” to all my loyal customers and the many friends I have made serving you. After arriving at age 80 in August, I decided to retire from making divination products. Almost 30 years well spent. We will be closing down and I will be doing other things.

Yeah, there were some other factors influencing my decision. Problems with suppliers in China, Brazil, and India. COVID didn’t help. At the end of the day I suppose the low cost, cheap pendulums from India eroded my customer base and we just could not compete with those Indians who copied my designs so faithfully every year.

In any case, I started my career as an artist after graduating from collage. Now I choose to end my career the same way, making art again.

So it is back to making light sculpture, photography, and print making.

Hopefully someone will inherit my inventory and make high quality products. I am seeking someone to carry on. Let me know if you have a suggestion:

It has truly been a privilege providing you with the tools that have effected peoples lives.

Fondest regards,